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    Which do I need and why? Both or is 1 enough?
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    Dun patch is free, pdanet is not. you need but choose one or the other
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    You definitely don't need both. One or the other will do.

    If your computer is a Mac, then you need to use the DUN patch, since as far as I can tell PDANet is only available for Windows.

    I have found the DUN patch to be reliable. By now, people have worked through the tricks of getting it installed and running and have posted detailed instructions on this board.

    Some people have reported some bugginess with the patch, such as having to do a soft reset before using it each time. I have never had to do a soft reset before using DUN except for the few times early on that I got a "TransLibOpen err". I now know how to avoid that (disconnect from Vision if it is connected before turning on DUN).

    The only bug I had was an inability to setup new bluetooth devices with the patch installed. Some people do not seem to have this issue, and others do but find that a soft reset solves it. For me, only deleting the patch, setting up the devices, and reinstalling the patch works. Of course, now that the Treo is paired with both of my computers and my Jabra headset, this is not going to be an issue very often.

    Of course, as already mentioned, it is also FREE thanks to the good work of Shadowmite.

    I can't speak about PDAnet, since I have never used it. However, a lot of people seem to like it.
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    Has anyone installed the prc files on a PC and then tried to sync on a MAC?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-maniac
    Has anyone installed the prc files on a PC and then tried to sync on a MAC?
    I'm sure you can install the prc files. However, you can't run the PDAnet Desktop software on a Mac.
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    Also, PDANet will work with either the cable or Bluetooth. DUN hack only works with Bluetooth.

    If you're a power user who can handle the nature of the DUN hack, and you don't need wired functionality, go with DUN. If you're not comfortable with the DUN hack, or you want to be able to use the cable, go with PDAnet.

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    Wired functionality is very useful. Especially if you are in a hotel room or something. Get more net bandwidth, much much faster Hotsyncs, and the ability to do other cable only operations like mounting the SD RAM in Missing Sync. Therefore, it would be useful to have it in addition to the BT interconnect which you would use in airports so that you do not have a big hairy cord connected and look uncool to all the people around you. Although these days you can use hotspot WiFi in most of these places, anyway.
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    I got PDAnet because I fried the bluetooth on my laptop so it was going to cost me either way. When I'm travelling (or getting ready to), I want my Treo charged up anyways (and as soon as my charging USB cable arrives I'll be able to do both).

    Now as long as Sprint doesn't have any more "computer glitches" that bill me $478 for vision services, I'll be alright.

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