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    I am testing a Treo 600 GSM via Vienna since the 650 is not available.
    Last night, it went dead on my nightstand, so I assumed that the battery had run out. I charged it all day today and it is still dead.
    Is there a secret reset? Do these have a history of going dead?
    The unit was definitely not abused in any way.

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    I had one that did that very thing. Got it replaced under warranty.
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    I was able to reset the unit with a paper clip and it came back to life.
    Shades of my old Handspring Visor, I thought they would have solved this by now
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    Don't bother trying to get a Treo 600 "repaired". Now the so-called "customer support" group is quoting me yet another week (making it a month) for my so-called "advanced replacement" unit to be shipped.

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