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    is there any way to do that?
    I'm just wondering, if that can be done, we can make a website, put all kinds of profiles(of your tv, vcr, camera, etc.) together, then, those people who lost their remote control, or need one for their school's tv, or wanna save some money for the remote of their camera, can just easiely download one from it. what do you think?

    anyway, is that posible? any idea? comment?

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    There should be a .pdb file in your backup directory. (It's been a long time since I demo'd Omniremote, and I don't remember what the file name is. It might be omniremote.pdb) Just copy this file elsewhere. It contains your remote settings.
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    Originally posted by ragamuffinn:
    There should be a .pdb file in your backup directory.
    What I'm saying is, EXTRACT the settings FROM that file, in order to organize them.
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    I'm sure that someone could write an extract program, but maybe you could suggest it to the OmniRemote program author. This could help their sales as they could sell the product to people who have lost their controllers. It would also need an import funtion to be really useful.
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    I just saw a newly released freeware app, "pdb" v1. It's a compiler/decompiler for *.pdb files. Maybe you could try playing around with it and see if it gets you anywhere with your omniremote.pdb. Go get it at's worth a try.
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    thx for the info

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