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    can someone please list ptunes files that I can move to the sd card and still have ptunes stream audio and play mp3s.
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    As I understand, all of PT's files have to stay on your main memory.
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    I don't think it's true. I run ptunes from sd card. i beleive it creates and stores favorites and playlists in main memory, but everything else including skins is on the card
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    I used zlauncher to move ptunes to the sd card and everything works fine.
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    When I moved pocket-tunes to the SD card with Zlauncher, I had trouble opening streaming audio files from the browser. Did you overcome that?

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    I just tried to open a Shoutcast stream and was booted over to the default Palm launcher when I tried to save and open it in ptunes.
    I started ptunes (which meant that zlauncher loaded it into RAM) and switched directly over to Blazer and tried again. It worked just fine. I use McPhling to switch between apps without having to go through zlauncher, which kept ptunes in RAM to accept the Shoutcast stream.
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    It will run fine from an sd card, but you can't play music or stream shoutcast by clicking on a link in Blazer. If you use zlauncher and click on an mp3 file, it will not play it unless ptunes is in ram.

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