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    Picked up the 650 yesterday, it seems to be a bit Narcoleptic or comatose.
    If I don't use the phone for a while, it goes into a deep sleep and will only wake up with a soft reset. The led still blinks green, it simply will not wake up.
    It's not battery related since it was about 92% after the first soft reset.

    The problem started right out of the box, with no additional software installed and seems to have continued several times today.

    Any ideas?
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    How are you turning it on?
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    Did you enable the DUN patch? Is it turned on? If so, that's known to cause the phone to take 12 seconds or so before turning on...
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    If you are doing everything right, I really have no other advice other than to try to get a replacement, because if this is really what is happening and there are no other factors, that sounds like it is most definately a defective unit.

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    I'm using the power button to turn it on, or using an app button, sometimes it works, sometimes it's in a coma.
    I haven't installed the DUN patch, just wanted to get it stable before I tried adding anything to the ROM.
    Thanks for the comments, just wanted to see if anyone else was having similar issues.

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