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    The good news is that I saw 2 650's new in box ready to be sold at the best buy on North Ave. in Chicago today. The bad news is that you can no longer do PRPs to upgrade. Best Buys new policy according to many (half way intelligent department managers too) is that you cannot upgrade, as of right now the only way to upgrade to the 650 from a 600 is when they run out of 600 replacements and your PRP has not worn out. As of right now they are replacing 600s with new 600s. So there you have it. Best Buy also has a display for the 650 at North Ave. According to a few people, North Ave is a Concept Store so they carry a few more products than other stores but have no idea whether to 650 is included in that or not. For my purposes, the lack of a useful PRP to upgrade makes buying cellphones from Best Buy a waste of money!

    Hopes this info helps!

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    Is this the CDMA or the GSM 650?
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    CDMA, Sprint.
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    Well if its a concept store, then that may be why. I am still awaiting an answer, and as of today, STILL no 650 in the inventory system, and if that store has them, it must be something different as the system is for a whole. Under status it still says.... Not Carried By Location. This means ALL locations.

    600s should have been out of stock along time ago. I know 2 stores I have worked in (different states) have been out of the 600 for months.

    Lastly, the plans on the phones are PSPs, not PRP. Two different deals. The replacement plan is a plan where they replace it in store. A SERVICE plan is where they send it in. ALL cell phones have to be sent in. No if ands or butts about it. Then you get sent whatever. More then likely still a 600 until these things are no longer. If you have an XBOX, it would have a PRP, I could take mine in, say it died on me and get another one, or just say it sucks.

    I'm hoping with-in the next few days, or week I will get some feedback on the 650 from corporate. I can't figure it out. Its all ready to go in the system, and UPC is ther, packs its shipped in, price, etc except the instock date of 11/14 is still on the screen. Problems with something I don't know. Have to wait and see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewp75
    best buy on North Ave. in Chicago today.
    by North and Clyborn and in the same parking lot as Whole Foods?
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    So wait, would I have a PSP or a PRP on my 600 and if I have a PRP wouldnt they replace it in store?



    PS Yes the one near north and clybourn in the same parking lot as whole foods.
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    You should have a PSP on it unless they gave you the wrong brochure, but all cell phones are PSPs. And as far as I know, have been for a few years. You prob have a PSP, and that means they will tell you to call 1888 Best Buy. You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning then your phone being replaced in store. Cell phones are VERY strict now.
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    i bought the psp on my samsung I330 when I got it on 5/23/03.
    I330 died on 10/29/03 and I upgraded to the 600 by paying the $250 difference.
    600 died on 1/29/04 and BB gave me a new one right in the store.
    That 600 lasted until 2/18/04 (pathetic huh?) and BB gave me another new one in the store.
    That 600 died on 6/25/04 and BB gave me a new one in the store.

    They said they would swap it out because it was a PDA not just a phone.
    Definitely worth the 79.99.

    The PSP thing is a mixed bag. Depends on who you talk to I think, but they do swap equipment. AT least they did a few times until last june.
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    You did get lucky, and yes they used to do that. As of like Nov or Dec its gotten even more strict.

    Here is the info....... It is in effect as we speak

    Defective unit covered by PSP

    The customer service specialist instructs the customer to call 888-BEST-BUY to begin the exchange process or to receive a new phone purchase option. The cust may call from home or store.

    Cust care will provide an advanced mail exchange

    Cust who receive a wireless telephone via a PSP exchange CAN NOT RETURN OR EXCHANGE IT AT A STORE. If a cust has questions call 888-BEST-BUY.

    So to save yourself some store trouble, call the # above.
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    I still have a 600 with the psp. I don't know if I should keep it and try to upgrade to the 650, or sell it on ebay. I already have a 650. I need to do something before the value falls down to far. I bought the 600 about 4 months ago and its in mint condition.
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    Well, if you have never used the PSP, its prorated meaning lets say you sell it, and the person you sell it too doesn't want the PSP. You can take the brochure in, (or have them look it up) and they will give you the remainder of your $$$ back. Lets say your service plan cost you $79.99 on that 600 for 3yrs. 3yrs= 36 months. So your paying about $2.22 per month. 2.22x4= $8.88. $80-$8.88= $71.12 This would be close to what they would give you back. Don't hold me to the penny cause I don't have the ability to type it in exactly. Computer figures it all out, but that's close.
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    How can you find out where the concept stores are?
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    So what is the advice as to what the people with a 600 and a PSP should do now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewp75
    So what is the advice as to what the people with a 600 and a PSP should do now?
    Well I can tell you what I'm doing. I've got a defective T600 with paperwork from a Sprint Tech to prove it. (It is under the BB PSP.) Although it is defective I'm pretty used to it now. I'm going to wait till BB comes out with the T650, watch folks run the BB for an upgrade and I'll continue to wait for another period of months before I try myself. My local BB is already out of the T600. But I'm going to wait till the T650 is in good rotation and the "freshness" of them selling out on a regular basis wears off. Then no matter if I have to call a number or I can talk them into an exchange at the store it will be much easier to get an upgrade.

    I'm in no hurry. But when I get rid of this defective T600 I want to upgrade to the T650 and I can wait till all the other folks have tried to get an upgrade and been given the last of their T600 stock .
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    If you want the 650 (assuming we get it) then I suggest sell it on ebay or just sell it, get the PSP (remainder) prorated and then use that to buy the new one. Here's the thing, no matter if the Treo 650 was in store now, or it is in another month, you STILL won't get to swap the unit in store. For you to get a 650 in place of the 600 would be really tough. You would have to ring someones neck at 888-BEST-BUY. You will more then likely ship your unit off, and they will fix it, or give you a similar unit, and depending on where they dig their phones up from you'll prob get another Treo 600 if the thing is smoked. This means Totally DEAD. 650s are not going to be given unless for some reason they we're totally gone out of the inventory they use to ship phones or what have you. The thing is PSPs are not UPGRADE plans, and they won't upgrade you anything. Now that's as far as company policy. If you can work any magic, more power to you, but I highly doubt it. No what they mean by a "new phone purchase option" when you call BB i'm not sure of. All of this has changed, so if you would like, just call the BB # and kindly ask what do they mean by a "new phone purchase option"
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    I've been holding out to exchange mine at Best Buy as well. I've had a defective screen for about a month and have been sitting on it because it is tolerable and I was hoping I could get Best Buy to trade me up. I've moved up twice on legitimate phone problems. A dead modem on an I-330 got me an I-500 and a bad headphone jack on the 500 got me a Treo 600. From the sounds of it, my luck doing that has run out.

    I had the same understanding about the plan -- it is covered as a PDA, not a cellphone. However, if I were to go in today and they have no equivilant phone, I don't know what they could do short of having me send it in. Does that mean that they demand that one is without their phone for the interim, or do they send you a replacement and then credit you when you send the defective unit in?

    I think I'll just walk over to the Sprint store and get a new 600. I can wait on the 650 until I can actually afford it, or I can decide I really don't need it in the first place. Bummer, it was fun to be on the cutting edge.

    If anyone actually is successful in swapping for a 650 at Best Buy, be sure to post your results here!
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    The process is the same on a cell as a PDA. And on the Treo. They all go into service unless a unit says DEVO, which basically means trash. Sad but yes, you HAVE to send the phone in and be without your phone. Supposedly you get another phone back in a couple of days. 3-5.

    Now on to another point, the Treo 650 has a SKU in inventory, just not one in. If I type the SKU in the computer, it pops up on a register. Of course its like $649, but the SKU and info for the Treo 650 are in the computer, so they must be getting it in. I can't see them putting all that info in and then not carrying it. I still have no answer as to when the thing will be in, but i'll keep watching for new info. Still awaiting an answer from the wireless team. I was told as soon as they find out, they would post something on our systems to give us some type of feedback. I'm going to wait till Jan to ask again cause Jan is a time for alot of new stuff. I can say that we are geting rid of like 10+ computers (desktops and laptops to make way for new models) Just got that info in today around 10am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by staubio
    I've been holding out to exchange mine at Best Buy as well. I've had a defective screen for about a month and have been sitting on it because it is tolerable and I was hoping I could get Best Buy to trade me up. I've moved up twice on legitimate phone problems. A dead modem on an I-330 got me an I-500 and a bad headphone jack on the 500 got me a Treo 600. From the sounds of it, my luck doing that has run out.
    While I value drummindave's comments I would not accept it as the final word. You should first see what kind of deal you can work yourself by talking with folks at your BB and the 888 number. Then if from talking with them they make it clear you won't be able to upgrade then consider your other options.

    Personally I'll wait a while. The T600s won't be in their supply forever and I think they will eventually offer T650 upgrades. It just requires waiting till the T650 is the only thing they have in stock. I didn't buy my T600 the first day they showed up at Best Buy so my PSP plan still has plenty of time on it. I can wait till the T700 comes out just to upgrade to the T650 with my BB plan . Which might mean I'd be a little behind others, but still not paying much to get the T650 .
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    Well, unfortunately its final. New rules apply to cell phones now. Company standard to call the BB #. If you try to upgrade it in store, or even just replace a 600 with a 600, you will have no luck. The BB # is your only luck of maybe getting a newer one, but since we don't have any as of yet, fat chance. The techs, and managers follow these new plans VERY closely now. Its all up to the people on the phones now as to what they want to do. Unless everyone in the store are morons, you won't be able to make any deal what so ever. Even if so, most stopped carrying the 600, so there is no luck.

    My advice is stick to the 888 #. Waste of time to talk to people at the stores. I've done this for over a year, and cell phones at that. Trust me, its only getting more strict.
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    The same seems difficulties are occuring with other products too. I took an iPod back because it wouldn't stay on (not even playing music...just the screen on!) for more than 30-40 seconds after a FULL charge. They refused to try to fix it. They refused to replace it. They refused to do anything that was promised on the protection plan I bought. Took it to another Best Buy and they gave me a brand new one.

    I don't shop at Best Buy anymore, period.
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