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    Before I go into this, please forgive me if this has been covered before. Searching on IRDA and Infrared doesn't yeald anything useful, and searching on IR yealds way too much.

    I got my new 650 for Christmas, and, of course, immediately proceeded to install Shadowmite's ROM #3 on it.

    After installing everything, I noticed that my IR port does not seem to work with anything at all. I suspect I have a bad 650, but I have the nagging feeling that something important may have gotten left out of ROM #3.

    Before I get a barrage of helpful suggestions, yes, IR beam enabled is set in the preferences. I can select "beam" from various applications, and it seems to indicate that it is trying to work when I try and beam something. And, no, I don't have a giant mustard stain over the IR window on my Treo. It just doesn't seem to interact with anything.

    I am lazy at heart, and I know that I can have the ROM question answered in ten minutes by back-grading to the factory ROM and seeing if it starts to work again. I just figured I would spend five minutes creating this post before I did.

    Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
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    What are you trying to beam to? A number of newish devices (Sony Clie units especially) have serious IR compatability problems, and you might just be butting up against one of those.
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    From and to my old Treo 600.
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    There are known issues beaming from a 600 to the 650.
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    I have exactly the same problem with virgin rom. I did the hard reset and the problem went away. however after i restored the software it came back. based on the link above it's probably long user name or some software problem. however i found quick and dirty workaround: start beaming on treo 600, while it's trying to beam , beam some file from 650 to 600. both files will come through, so just ignore one on 600. It works for me.
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    Damn. I have now been stuck with my long user name for years, because I didn't understand what the Hotsync name was used for back when I first defined it for my Palm III. It is kind of hard to change now, as many software products are based around the hotsync name.

    As this is a known problem, I hope that PalmOne (or PalmSource) gets around to fixing this. I don't want to repurchase $80 worth of software because Palm has a bug they don't want to fix.

    Alright, venting done now. Feeling better. ;-)

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