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    On my 5th 600 - working OK now (fingers crossed). I want a 650 but before I do wanted opinions as to new issues I would face.

    Basically - Are there any glaring faults with the 650 that warrant staying on a functioning 600? Like, network issues, voice quality is much worse, etc..anything that would say stick with the 600 if it works OK. I know about the 650 memory issues but am OK there..

    Seems like the quality is higher - I have not read about immediate issues with the 650 like we saw with the 600 (other than the RAM which I am OK with)...

    We all know about the 600 issues - I did not want to go from a frying pan into a fire type thing...
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    As long as you don't use any incompatable 3rd party apps, rename your hotsync backup file before doing the first hotsync on the 650, and keep at least 7-8 MB free it should be very stable. Mine has been.

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