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    I have had my Treo 650 for less than two weeks. I got it from a local Sprint store. It was a Christmas gift from my mother who also purchased the insurance.


    I carry my Treo 650 in my front pocket till I get my case (any day now via PalmOne). I was wondering if I have a broken key...the one on the very bottom and the far right. I think it is called the right shift key. I don't use it very often so thats why I just noticed it now after two weeks. Should it feel the same as all the other keys when you push it down? The reason I ask is mine does not make that clicky sound when you push it down like all the others. It almost feels like it's jammed. But I have tested it in apps and it still works just fine. Can someone take out there 650 and compare their right shift key with the rest of their keys and see if it feels different? I want to exchange it while I still can if something is mechanically wrong with my key before I run out of time.

    I think I read on this forum that you can return your 650 to Sprint for an in-store exchange within the first 30 days? Thats why I want to nip this problem in the bud if it is indeed a problem with the key. Thanks.
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    Mine feels about like the others.
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    Agreed mine feels normal too, the only key that does not feel 'normal' is the P and this has pretty well documented on this site.

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    I had a similar problem with my n, space and w key. I went to the Sprint store and they gave me a replacement phone.
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    My shift and alt key got jammed and would not let the others work. Possibly from a fall.
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    Yey!!! I'm a successful user of the 'search' function.

    I'm so glad someone else has this problem with the right shift key.

    This morning I was trying to get the dogs to do something funny so I could play with the 650's camcorder. Then went out to the store and before heading home I checked my phone to see if someone called and the screen came on but I couldn't use any of the buttons. I couldn't even turn it off. I went across all the keys and noticed that the bottom right shift key didn't click. If I tried to lift it up with my fingernail, then the other keys would work. I turned the 650 off and then turned it back on and the keyboard was still dead. Played with the shift key again and it worked. So now that's my routine till I can get back to the sprint store....o yey!!!
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    I'm exactly in the same condition... I don't remember my T650 fallen down, who cares... however, I'll wait a bit before to ask for a replacement: let's see if things gonna be better or worse (...)
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    I have a key that is isn't working right either. The 0 key for me (that's the zero key) doesn't make a clicking sound like the other keys do, and doesn't feel right when i press it, although it does still generally work. The bad part is that this key is very easy to accidentally get double characters from it because of this. At the store I got it from they offered to swap it out for a referbished phone, which I may do...
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    could be what led to my massive hardware failure (see post below). Phone was working fine, no hard impacts that I can recall, and then I turn it on and the center button stopped working. Took a soft reset to get the screen to unlock. But then none of the buttons would work. Every now and again the keys would start working again, but as soon as I turned the phone off, trying to turn it on again resulted in the same issue. That was Wednesday I think. By Saturday all buttons stopped working. Took it into Sprint and when I returned they handed it back to me and told me they had ordered me a new phone. Time to get a case for this thing. Makes me wonder if those holsters for the 650 won't lead to this problem in the long run.
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    All my keys click. (looking for something wooden to knock on)
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    Yeah, I had to get a replacment b/c by 'n' key was jammed and it caused my 650 to freeze. Got a replacement within a week from sprint...
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    My B key broke I got a replacement. This better not happen when my warranty is up.
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    My "P" key does not 'click'. I've adapted, but I miss the solid feel of the T600 keyboard.

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