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    Is anyone else having this problem? I've purchased and installed Kinoma 3 EX player and producer. I've created some .mp4 videos using producer. And copied them to the SD card manually using an SD card reader. I can play the videos back fine on the Treo 650 using Kinoma Player 3 EX. However, I often have this problem of not being able to "power off" (turn the screen off) after playing a video. For example just now, I played a 1.5 minute .mp4 video once. After it finished, I switched back to the phone app. Then I pressed the power off button, and it powers off normally. Then I go back into Kinoma Player 3 EX and play the same video again. After it finishes, I can't power off anymore!! I have to soft reset in order to power off the screen. Very frustrating.

    I have my Treo 650 set to power off after 1 minute of idle time. And I also have the option in Kinoma for "Screen off after" set to "Never". I also have "video loopback" turned off. Hoping this would solve the problem. But it doesn't. I think that the Kinoma Player is conflicting somehow with the power off settings of the Treo 650, eventhough I have this option turned off in Kinoma. I've emailed Kinoma, and they said they are not aware of this problem. Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks.
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    Nope. I just tried to duplicate it also. Do you have any other power management software running also?

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