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    A friend of mine sent me an MMS message earlier today. I never received it, but my T600 now reboots every minute or so.
    *#377 gives me the following:

    A reset was caused on
    29.12.04 at 20:57 while
    running "MMS":

    Line:3725, Nil Ptr

    It's a GSM Treo 600
    Firmware is 03.05
    Software is Treo600-1.12-ROW
    Hardware is B
    It's got 2.9Mb free space

    Does anyone have a clue what's going on?
    What can I do in order to stop the rebooting, preferably without loosing info?

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    I have now tried to hard reset (after a hotsync) the T600, then restored all data via hotsync. The problem still exists, and it's driving me nuts.

    Any help would be highly appreciated!

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    I had an MMS message from SMS.AC fry my CDMA Verizon phone where MMS wouldn't work.

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