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    In light of the tight memory space on the 650 and resulting need to run applications from the SD card, I find myself with an interesting problem:

    One more than one occasion, normal file operations in Filez have resulted in entire directory structures being deleted from my card. I've been trying to be good an remember to manually copy the contents of my SD card to hard drive every couple of days, but having a 3 day old archive of what was on my card just isn't good enough while I'm still fiddling with finding which apps work completely on this new device.

    Does anybody have a automated backup solution for archiving what you're keeping on your sd card? I image that for my case, even just making a BackupMan style single file archive containing all of my desired files and plopping it elsewhere on my card would be enough. I'm only facing 10-20MB of apps and data that fits this criteria.

    I'd rather not explore some combination of CardExport and MacroPlay to push something over bluetooth if I can avoid it.

    Any ideas?
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    I use BlueSync from Blue Squirrel Software.

    BTW, SpamSleuth is awesome as well.


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