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    See attached pic. I've been shopping around for a set of travel speakers for my Treo to play MP3's and to get a better quality speakerphone.
    I bought the Sony SRS-T33 and the Panasonic RP-SPT70 last night from Circuit city to choose between the 2. I also listened extensively to the Radio Shack "portable amplified speakers" (via my Treo). The Sony is the smallest of the bunch, about 3x smaller and sounds better than the Radio Shack unit, which is similar in size to the Panasonic. Because the Sony SRS-T33 sound so awesome for such a small unit, I did not even open the Panasonic and will return it. The Sony had much less distorsion than the Radio Shack and better frequency response. The Sony uses 2 AAA batteries. What's neat is that it will work unamplified with the Treo! With the Sony power switch off I can use it as a speakerphone with my tricked out cradle (in the pic: 2.5 & 3.5 audio out, built in external mic, MP3/speakerphone switch and USB charge on/off switch) and it sounds much better than the Treo speaker. In the pic I am talking to my friend and he says he can't tell I'm on the speakerphone. Playing MP3's with the Sony power switch off does not come through as loud as in the speakerphone mode, but still sounds better than the Treo speaker. Turn the power switch on and you'll get a world of difference, much better sound and volume in both MP3 and speakerphone mode. This thing is really sweet! It's the perfect size for travel and sounds great for such a small package. Highly recommended.

    ps, the Sony SRS-T33 should work the same with the 650. When the 650 cradle comes out, I will make a small number of tricked out cradles with the same features for sale, and the 600 cradle in the pic will be put on Ebay.
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