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    Is anyone else using evedit? Supposedly amone one of its many features is the capability to expand the memo size limit. From the Evedit docs -

    "Expands each item size limit from 1k to the free memory size. "

    Has anyone gotten this to work?
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    I can't find any references to memos being expanded. By "items," I think it is referring to the items placed into the multi-clipboard, which (in the normal clipboard) are limited in size.
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    You might be right. That makes a little more sense since the memo limit is 4K not 1K. Oh well, I guess I'll keep looking to see if anythign will indeed allow me to save notes bigger than 4K. Thanks
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    It doesn't expand the Memo size limit. What it does is expand the copy/paste buffer limit from 1k to the amount of free memory.


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