Hey this is my first post here but I figured this was some great info for all of you with a treo on verizon. I purchased my phone 3 days ago and sure enough a day and a half into it the data service stopped working. The salesperson explained to me it would come off my cell minutes I didnt use with the 39.99 cell phone plan. Anyways I immediately hop on here and see others are having the same problem. Here is how I solved the problem without getting the data plan:
I placed a call today to verizon tech support and of course got the run around from the rep. I explained to her very clearly that it took me three hours (which it did) just to buy the phone in the store with the assurance of the salesperson the data would work. I really want the phone and I would prefer not to dump verizon as my carrier but I promise I will should this situation not be resolved. The entire time I was VERY calm and matter of fact. I asked for a manager and an hour later she reactivated my data by putting a note on my account that they will not credit back any money should I leave the internet connected by mistake. I think this is why they are forcing everyone to buy a plan. You all may want to try this approach. I also faxed her a copy of the letter I found posted on this site at http://home.earthlink.net/~paul.r/images/vzletter.jpg
I think this really helped my cause because I harped on the fact that they had decided to change their company policy without informing the company and here is proof it did work this way at one point. I guess moral of the story is keep a level head, be persistant and you can still get what you want. Take care and good luck, Keith.