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    im new to this forum and im a former dell axim x30 user switching to the Treo 650 (sounds like an AA confession )
    First, i love my new Treo and i love this forum, you guys seem real helpful

    Second, whenever im on speakerphone it works fine, but one minute into the call the volume goes back into the earpiece and the only way to get my speakerphone back is to hit Cancel Spkr and then Speakerphone..... is this happening all around? or just me? either way, what can i do?
    and please dont say something lame like "use a heaset"


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    I've never seen this personally. Do you have a bluetooth headset?

    Just so I understand, on the screen, it still shows the speakerphone as being on (thus you have to cancel it) but it isn't?
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    I havent ordered a bluetooth headset yet, so no.

    Yes, on the screen it shows the option to cancel spkr even the the sound starts coming out of the ear piece on the phone itself, so i have to cancel and hit speaker to turn it back on
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    I have had the same problem. Did you ever get to the bottom of it? I made a similar post today after not seeing any answers around here. Only seems to happen on the first call using speakerphone. All subsequent calls appear to be OK. Low but at least it does not revert to the ear speaker.
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    Hmm, I've never heard that before nor has it happened on mine (knock on wood). Did you notice this occurring prior to installing 3rd party apps or afterwards? If the latter, I'd uninstall the most recent installed app to see if that resolveds the speakerphone issue.
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