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    (I want to delete this post... the 650 reset itself and the pix functions all work fine now... no idea what happened. But it seems that "delete" is not one of my options here... moderators, you're welcome to delete this thread if you can. In the meantime, original msg follows; sorry for the unnecessary post)

    After reading all the glowing reviews here and elsewhere, I decided to try ZLaunch this morning. Not sure I like it better than Silver Screen, even with the added capabilities. Maybe more than I need...

    But my immediate problem is: ZLaunch seems to have done something peculiar to my Pics & Videos app. I can't find any of my pictures. I open the app, the screen is blank. I think there used to be pictures there... at least, I know they are on my SD card, and they used to show up in the P&V app. But now there is nothing in the gallery view, and for the life of me I can't seem to figure out how get any of my albums open. I've even read the manual and it's no help either.

    I also can't use the camera any more... when I try to take a picture, I get "Not Enough Memory" which doesn't make any sense because a) I've got about 4MB in the on-board memory, and hundreds of MBs on the SD card.

    So, I dunno what's going on here... I don't want to delete ZLaunch just yet, but I'm thinkin' about it...

    Anybody got ideas what's going on here?


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