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    I downloaded ptunes onto my t650, however I can't figure out what to do when the music is playing and I receive a phone call at the same time. The music continues to play and I can't figure out how to shut off the music so I can take the call (when a call comes in, the ptunes screen goes away immediately, otherwise I would have pressed stop/pause). What do you guys do?
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    I simply ignore the call and enjoy the music ;-)
    David H. Barnes
    NetEndeavors, Inc.
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    My ptunes mutes the music when the call comes in and comes back when the caller or I hang up. It doesn't seem to pause the song though. you can always use your side application button on the 650 to launch ptunes if you want to pause the song while on a call.
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    The music should mute while the on the call. Have you tried to answer the call?
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    Ok, I'm embarrassed. Once I answered the call the music muted. Initially I thought it would mute once it started ringing. Oopsie. I guess that's what this site is for- help. Thanks guys!
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    ROFL @ NetEndeavors...

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