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    i do a lot of freelance work, and i'm looking for a good time-tracker.

    i'd really love something that could link to an expense tracker - or have one built in , or something.

    there seems to be an abundance of available apps - a bit overwhelming, in fact -

    any thoughts?
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    I was just looking for this the other day.

    most of them cost money.. and LOTs of it for some reason. We're talking about 50 bucks for something I wouldn't pay for on my desktop.

    I got one called Taketime I believe, and it's free. Seems ok to start and so far doesn't do a bad job of it. Just check that app at palmgear then look in the same category for other similar ones.
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    Well, sometimes you get what you pay for. I don't understand why people think everything should be dirt cheap for the Palm platform. If it is an application that use to help you save time and "make money" in the real world, then the dollar amount of the application is releative to it's usefulness.
    Now, off my soapbox...

    I highly recommend either AllTime from Iambic software, makers of ActionNames, or HourzPro, from Zoskware. Neither are free. Both are very professionally done, and lots for people use them (for good reason). My pick is AllTime. It incorporates an expense and time tracking app. HourzProl is right up there, and has a conduit.

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