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    My wife is sick and tired of our crappy dial-up service (never >26.4 connection speed) at home and high-speed access is (IMHO) ridiculously expensive where I live (DirectWav at $99 per month, local service from $75 per month). I have used my Treo300 with my laptop and home computer and PDANet to connect to the internet with good results.

    We have SprintPCS as our wireless provider (1 account with 2 phones/phone #'s) and here is what I am contemplating:

    1. Dump our dial-up provider
    2. Add a 3rd line to our Sprint account. Per Sprint last night, it'd be $10/month to add another line, plus I'd qualify for the $150 instant rebate from Sprint (though I will call to see if I can add a new line to the existing account to get the $319 price) when I purchase a new 650.
    3. Add Vision to our Sprint account
    4. Let my wife use the Treo300 and PDANet to connect to the Internet. Speed is about 5-6x faster than our dial-up.

    Now....with my new 650...I'm assuming (based on the vast plethora of information in this forum) that I could use either PDANet (650 version) or (eventually) Wi-Fi on the 650 with laptop/home PC.

    How does this sound? Am I missing anything obvious? I just want to make sure I get my questions answered before I shell out the $$$'s for a new 650.

    Also, unless I missed it in my search, is there a maximum size (in terms of memory) of SD card you can use in the 650?

    Thanks in advance for any opinions and keep up the great flow of information.
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    I have a 1 Gb SD card. I think I read some one else had a 2 Gb card. If I did not already have DSL I would do exactly what you are planning.
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