I have gone in the past with a long list of printouts from treocentral showing them that its a known defect. If you do a search I'm sure it will come up. Its over a year old. If its a known defect, Sprint will replace it. If the guys where you go don't know about it, the printouts can be persuasive.

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I tried to get my broken hing 300 replaced today and was -shot- down. If I had insurance I might have been able to get it replaced, but if I knew it was going to break, I would have bought the insurance - vicious cycle. I also didn't realize it was a common problem - sounds more like a DEFECT to me than damage. Defects should be covered by the manufacturer and not the consumer.

The only thing offered to me was the $150 rebate on a new phone purchase since I've been a customer for more than 18 months. The problem is that a new 600 or 650 is over $500 - and it's a mail in rebate so I'd have to pay full price now and then get my money back - someday.

I noticed on eBay the 600s are going for less than $200 - very tempting now.