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    I have an other question about deleting an MP3 on my External Card in my 600.
    I am using FileZ ver. 6.5.
    I open the Program,
    Select External Card
    Open Audio Folder.
    I select the MP3 File that I want to Delete.
    Click on The Filez Menu / Delete
    And I get the following Message; ''Permanently delete the selected files and folders? 3 item(s).

    This does not seemed right. I only selected 1 MP3 File to delete.
    If I answer ''Delete'' I will erase the complete Audio Folder and I don't want to.

    How can I delete 1 file only ?

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    You may have other files selected and perhaps unaware of them?

    If the inverted triangle to the left of the subdirectory/folder is black indicating it is selected it will be included in the "are you sure?" dialogue.

    When folders are not selected their triangle is hollow and not blacked out.

    As a safety measure, I usually use "Unselect All" in the menu before I do any file management.
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    You need to pay attention to the difference between clicking on the triangle and clicking on the name. One will select the folder while the other will open it.

    As the previous post said, when the triangle is black, it means it is select, you can just tap again to deselect it.
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    I just paid attention to the Triangle on the left. I know understand better.
    I guess I was selecting the Full Directory ( Black Triangle).
    Thank you for your replies.

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