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    Ordered: 3/21
    (2 VDx (both graphite), 1 Solo, deluxe stylus pack, 1 case, 1 serial cradle)
    Shipped: 4/6
    Received: 4/7

    2 weeks, two days from ordering to shipping. I wasn't too happy, but now they're here so I'll stop grumbling.
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    Ordered: 04/04/2000
    Graphite Visor Deluxe with serial cradle, ice USB cradle, pen stylus and backup module.
    Shipped: 4/6
    Received: 4/7
    Shipping: Express
    Location: Roseville, MN

    Much faster than I expected (about as fast as I had hoped.)
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    Hi from Germany,

    I just saw on the handspring site that there are really nice custom cases available. Unfortunately they are only available in the US and Canada. I talked to the german support and they told me that the won't be available for europe.
    These are sad news. Is there a plan to release them to europe? I would really love to "wrap" my VDX in such a custom case and I am sure that a lot of people would also love to do this.
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    handspring cases arent very nice. try Vaja. They make great cases with customization. They are Argentinian and they ship to the US, so they probably ship to Europe.
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    Thanks for that advice -- I will check it out.
    Do you have any experience with the handspring cases -- you do not seem to have ahigh opinion on them. I am looking for a case with a paper and card holder (sorry for being off topic).

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    Someone i know has one. I guess its a good case if your looking for something that holds lots of stuff. I am of the belief that a case should be as small as possible, because i carry mine on my belt. I personally like Rhodiana and Vaja cases.

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