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    HI, how come my visor has two address function (one with plus sign next to it) and two date book (once again, with one plus sign next to it). When it first came, it has two date book on it. But after I have used it for few hours, another address appears. They are all the identical application except one has plus sign, and the other doesn't. Can someone tell me what happend?
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    Sorry, correction, the title should be "how come I have two addresses and two date books"
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    I can answer part of your question. All Visors come with the same Address book, Mail program, To Do List, and Memopad software as the Palm series. However, both the original Date Book software as well as an upgraded version called Date Book+ (which is a scaled down DateBk3 from Pimlico) are included. Both Date Book and Date Book+ share the same database. You cannot delete either program.

    I have never heard of anyone having an Address and an Address+ on their system and can't help you there.
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    There is a shareware called Address+, it's icon is the "fingers walking through the yellow pages". Of course you would have had to download and install that or get it beamed to you.

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