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    Hi. i got this Sprint PCS phone and want to use it with bell. as i was told, i need to replace my PRL file bcs my phone is still roaming. I read some needs here how to do so. when i start my Kyocera Wirell, they tell me to choose : SERVICE PROGRAMMING then chose 6200 then click on "READ FROM PHONE" the thing is i cant read from phone. dosent tell me anything. i did ##3424, it tells me : passtrough enable. hotsync looks good. maybe im doing something wrong here. just dont know what to do. is there an easyer way to make this work. just want to replace my PRL file that i have from bell molity. Once this is replace, if someone helps me out, will this make it work ??? if not. what can be done.

    thx for your time.
    would appreacite any kind of answer
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    where did you get the bell PRL and is it posible to get you to email me a copy. My treo 600 from sprint is always roaming as well.

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