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    On Dec. 26 I sent the following email to tomtom:

    Many people are interested in putting the TomTom Naavigator 2004 software on a Treo650. Some at the TreoCentral forum have tested your GPS software on it and have indicated that it works on the 650.

    Yet it appears that one may only preorder the software at this point. Could you tell me 1. when will the software become available, and 2. will it operate on the 650.

    Thanks for the information. There are many willing an able buyers in this position like myself.

    Their response today:

    "TomTom Navigator 2004 has not yet been fully tested and certified as compatible with the Treo 650. We have had some customers experience functionality and connectivity issues, as such we can not guarantee full functionality. We expect to release a version of the Navigator application that will function properly with the Treo 650 within the next three weeks, please keep in touch with our website for details.


    USA Customer Support"
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    i think we might need to form a little group to help us early adopters upgrade to their functional software. i think it would be pretty unfair if they wanted us to pay full price for the 650 version or would not allow us to upgrade!

    hopefully you can dial poi phone numbers and do background phone calls with this upgrade release.
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    I sent them the same type of email. Still waiting for a repsonse. It will be cool if they officially support the 650.

    It works pretty well ,as is.. though.
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    I am excited about the news too! Now the pain of waiting at least 3 weeks to buy it.
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    Unfortunately, I sent the same question the first week of December and got the same response. That was 3 weeks ago.

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    I'll join that small group, I love my Tom Tom Nav 2004, looks better than any other gps package! Tom Tom Rocks!

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    I may just buy the current one and hope that they give us Cutting-Edgers a free upgrade.
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    Integration with Contacts and clipboard (copy-and-paste addresses) and I'll be 110% happy with TomTom2004 on my 650.
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    If you haven't already, you should forward that suggestion to their 650 team at TomTom. I'd love that.
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    Just to pipe in, I have the standalone TomTom GO GPS unit and really like it:

    I was considering the TomTom Bluetooth kit for the 650 but in the end decided that separate hardware would be better for this task. More expensive, sure, but I couldn't help but feel sacrifices would be made by trying to have my smartphone do "quadruple-duty" as a GPS device too. I can see how others would like it all integrated though and I look forward to reading more reports. The TomTom map is very easy (and fun, like a 3D video game!) to use.

    Oh yeah, we have a new forum to discuss TomTom too:
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    Yeah.. I have a separate Garmin 2610 GPS. I love it. Then only thing is that its a little bit of a hassle to pack it in my bag when I travel for work. I travel a lot and like to keep the amount of things I carry down to a minimum. So, the TomTom GPS for the Palm is great for me.

    The Tomtom is pretty good. Things its lacking compared to the Garmin:
    -Maps are a little old. Probably 3 years old.
    -Not nearly as many Points of Interest.
    -Search function for POI makes it hard to find things that aren't in your immediate area.
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    Question for those with the TomTom running on the T650 or any palm for that matter. Do the maps rotate around the 'car' like the ique does are does the car move 1/2 the screen and then the map moves then 'car' moves then the map etc like mapopolis? Has anyone had any real issues with TT on the T650 yet? I'm 2 or 3 days from dropping some $$$ on it since I've been disappointed with mapopolis.

    BTW anyone want to buy a new subscription to mapopolis

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    Yes the maps rotate, up is always the direction you are moving.

    I think it's awesome, use it on the 650 and love it. Dpad support would be nice, looking forward to them adding that in some update hopefully the one coming in a few weeks.

    I can't edit the POI data, anyone know why? This edit poi data icon is grayed out.
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    I've been using the TomTom navigator 2004 Palm on a Treo 650 for about a week and so far it's been great. Very accurate and very fast with no bugs so far. My brother saw it and couldn't believe how well it worked, so he purchased one.
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    Are you using the CD version 4.40 or the December update for the T5 - version 4.42.
    About to purchase it for the Treo 650 to replace Mapopolis. Thanks for any info.
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    I just received the update for TT Nav US. Much faster and greatly improved UI since the older version. It's a fabulous interface now - they've clearly put a huge amount of effort into it.

    I'm running it on a PocketPC at the moment, but have been considerig installing it on the Treo 650. How much memory does it need (other than the maps) and can it be run from a SD card?
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    roblog: I think it's necessary to use the T5 update. That's what I use and it's maybe the most stable app I have on my 650.

    ratsey: the while thing runs from the SD. It only needs a couple of very small files in RAM, less than 80K or so. The rest sits on the SD. I did find however that you do need some free ram to actually run the program, maybe about 2 or 2.5 MBs. Trying to run TomTom with less than 2MB on my 650 caused resets.
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    Both v4.40 and 4.42 (the T5 update) run on the 650
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    I got this response to a similar question today. Good news -- it'll be free. I never really doubted it would be though -- I think they only charge for map updates, which I can understand.

    We are hoping to release an update that will allow full functionality on the Treo 650 within the next month. Please keep in touch with our website for details. Contact and Address Book navigation is a feature we are hoping to add in future versions of TomTom Navigator. Existing customers will be eligible for an upgrade to new versions of Navigator. The update for the Treo is not an upgrade and will be as a free download from

    If you have any further questions please let us know.


    USA Customer Support
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    Will tom tom work on a boat? Want to use it like a simple handheld gps.
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