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    First I purchased and returned a Jabra BT250 because of the poor reception Subsequently, I purchased a Moto HS850 based on earlier reviews. However, opinions and experiences in newer threads lean toward the HBH600 or HBH660.

    Here is my dilemma: I could easily return the HS850 and pick-up a HBH660. However, the HS850 is BT 1.2 while the HBH660 is BT 1.1. I understand that the Treo 650 is curently 1.1. Given what I have read in another thread that the Treo 650 can(?) be upgraded to 1.2 - would it not be advantageous to hold on to a BT 1.2 headset for its frequency hopping characteristics?

    Thoughts anyone?
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    I sincerely doubt you will see the Treo 650 upgraded to BT 1.2. No other phone on the market has been upgraded to BT 1.2 so don't expect it to happen.

    I have used an HS-850 with the Treo and it worked much worse than my old SE HBH-65. I've sold the 850 and ordered the SE HBH-660 (hasn't arrived yet). My recommendation is get the best one now for the Treo. If things change later you can get something else but expecting the BT version to upgrade is not realistic.
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