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    I have been been putting up with the echo in my Treo and I can't stand it anymore. This is the fourth one they've exchanged, and they always give me refurbished ones with same problems. This time, I called they promise they will send me a NEW phone. Question to all - I saw that a lot of people had this problem when I checked in this forum a while back, but has anyone managed to resolve this echo problem? Do you think I should bother to wait for the new phone that promise, or should I just give up? Sigh. Thanks for any help.
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    Hi. whats the number you call to get it replace ???? do you go with your provider or you go with Palm One Treo directly ???? if its the case, can someone give me the number plz, cant seem to find it. Also, do you need an invc or something or they just send new one with a waybill so you can send yours ?? what do they ask for. People hear echo when i talk with my SpeakerPhone and there some dust under the screen as well....thx
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    number no longuer

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