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    When I sync my visor with Outlook on my desktop, the categories in Phone Book do not sync. Any entries I have created using on my desktop are transfered to my visor as "unfiled". Is there any way with Pocket Mirror to automatically copy the categories information to my visor?
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    If you open outlook. go to the tools menu, and select the conduit manager. You then will need to select your profile. You will then need to go to each outlook type (contacts, task, notes) and select change. On the Misc. tab there is a check box to map handheld catagories to outlook catogories.

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    The other option is to create a view in Outlook that groups items by "PalmPilot category." By default, the Outlook conduit creates a user-defined field by that name and assigns it a value corresponding to the item's category in your Visor/Palm address book. Pretty intuitive, huh?

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