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    I just tried to hotsync and got this message:

    Date Book application database is not found. Please invoke the Date Book application on the handheld once and re-synchronize

    I ran datebook - things are there. (I use Datebk 5) The database does exist.

    But I can't seem to syncronize it with Outlook. I don't want to hard reset but I wonder if it can be avoided. I did do a soft-reset - didn't help.

    Any suggestions? Thank you for any and all help.

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    Well, I am having the exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution?
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    I had to hard reset and basically load from scratch (do not restore from backup.)
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    This happened to me once very early on, and I too was using DateBk5. I have no idea what happened...I assumed some sort of corruption of the database.

    I did a hard reset, restored everything BUT datebk5 and its data from my backup, and reinstalled the datebk5 and appointment data manually. No problem since.
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    wow wow, do not hard reset yet. Use filez to delete datebookDB, soft reset, you should be in good shape then
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