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    After a crazy holiday weekend (stupid Indiana not paving their roads...grrrrr), I got home to see a few flecks of dust/lint found their way under the touchscreen and above the display. It's minor, and it's not REALLY affecting my use, but its super annoying and I'd like to get rid of them. Obviously I don't want to open the case or something crazy, so has anyone run into this problem?
    On a similar note, I have this re-occuring problem of some moisture seeping under the touchscreen. Again, the T600 still works fine, but it's super annoying and I don't want the moisture to become a serious issue. I'm going to try the Silica solution listed someplace else on this board and I'll let you know the results.

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    I'm interested in this too. I have a 650 though!
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    If moisture and dust are commonly getting under your screen, it would seem your casing is not tight.

    You can use a Torx T6 screwdriver and tighten the screws on the case. If you dismantle the Treo to get the dust from under the screen, you'll void warranty, but should be able to blow the dust out from under there.
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    klam, if I open it to blow out the dust, is some seal broken that makes it irreparably evident that I've opened the case? If not, how do they know warranty-wise?
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    On the 600 there is no seal. But be careful as their are small pieces of rubber that holds the stylis in place that can fall out when you open it. But I have had mine replaced after being opened and never a problem from palm one.
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    Thanks! It's amazing how annoyed I can be by two specks of dust.
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    since the stylus hole is an entry point for moisture and dust. You can see the circuit board when you take the stylus out of the silo. When I had my 600, it eventually got dust under the screen as well. It happened on a specific period of time when I stopped using the leather pouch case and started to carry it in my pocket. Lint eventually worked it's way into the phone...
    I would suggest keeping your 600 out of dusty and moisture prone environments!
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    Hi. whats the number you call to get it replace ???? do you go with your provider or you go with Palm One Treo directly ???? if its the case, can someone give me the number plz, cant seem to find it. Also, do you need an invc or something or they just send new one with a waybill so you can send yours ?? what do they ask for. People hear echo when i talk with my SpeakerPhone and there some dust under the screen as well....thx

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