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    Hello @ all,

    i got my treo 600, 2 weeks ago.
    I love it so much. Its the best pda/phone i ever see....

    I habe got a small question.

    Are there any tools to send the files from Suse Linux 9.2 to the SDCard of my treo? Has anyone an idea? Is it possible to send it via command line?

    Thanks for help

    Regards from cold germany
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    Hello @ all.
    I have got also a windows pc.
    Has anyone an idea, now?

    Thanks and regards
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    Hello mato99,

    This is Kevin from palmOne. I'm not familiar with Linux, but sending files from a windows desktop to your Treo's SD card is fairly straight-forward. Open the Palm desktop software on your Windows machine and click on the Quick Install button. Locate and choose the files from a Windows Explorer window and drag them into the Expansion Card window in Quick Install. Then do a hotsynch and the files will be transferred. There is also a Help feature in the toolbar of the Quick Install window if you need more assistance.

    Hope that helps.

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    Kevin Michaels
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    A much better way of doing it is using a card reader for your computer. Hotsyncing is so slow to be comical if it weren't so frustrating.

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