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    I am using Versamail with ActiveSync and my calendar on my phone has gotten duplicate entrees for each appointmet. The calendar on the server is fine. Short of deleting the ActiveSync account and reinstalling it on the phone, does anyone know how to wipe the phone email and calendar or force a complete(fresh) download of the server once again?
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    I haven't upgraded our Exchange server to 2003 yet, so I haven't been able to play with ActiveSync. So I don't know if deleting the account will remove the calendar entries, though I'm pretty sure the email will go away from the Treo.

    You don't have a conduit active to sync Outlook calendar do you? That could be the problem.

    Using FileZ or the like, you can delete "CalendarDB-PDat" on the Treo to wipe out your calendar info, and then sync with ActiveSync to get the data from the server again. Be careful, make sure the server data is everything you need first, i.e. there isn't anything on the Treo that isn't on the server that you need.
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    My Treo 650 is linked to my in-house MS Exchange 2003 server thru ActiveSnyc w/ Versamail and it works fine.
    However I had to hit "sync" manually, can the e mail messages be done by push or pull sync methods such as every five minutes?
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    A quick fix is to find the settings for the ActiveSync account (under preferences or something) and change the setting for days to sync (or something like that). This should blow out your calendar and email and the next sync should only get what the server has.

    How you got the dupes.. are you also HotSyncing that device?
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    quick fix i used to delete all calendar items (including the duplicates) on my phone was to delete the active synch account on the phone.

    it will then remind you that all items in email and calendar will be deleted.

    i then changed my hotsynch preferences so that the "backup" setting was set to desktop overwrites handheld.

    then i cabled up and hotsynched - it loaded my old active synch acount (w/ original exchange settings).

    then i hit synch on the phone (using active synch - not the cable), and my mail and (non-dup) calendar items were loaded down to the phone.

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