I have two questions
1: I loaded diddle bug and tried it out and it worked fine, meaning I wrote a hand scribbled message and set a time for the alarm. That was the first and only time its worked. Now when I try to write something, it diddle bug either makes shapes or turns the screen dark. I added some graffiti hacks and I think that might have something to do with it. But Iíve disabled or deleted them and I still have the problem. Anybody out there know how I can get diddle bug to work.

2: when I go to the app screen, I can get two different screens. One I know is the default, meaning it has the scroll bar and icons and looks like the pics in the manual. The other doesnít have a scroll bar it has arrows on the bottom right of the screen and icons. This didnít start happening until I loaded and deleted DA/APP Launcher. This may not seem like a big deal but Iím left handed and use lefthack. Its annoying to have to tap the app icon to get to the app screen with the scroll bar.