I have a Treo 650 and it's first Treo. On all my other phones in the past, if you in the shower or away from your desk and someone left you a voicemail or text message, your phone would re-ring every 5 minutes or so to let you know you missed a call/text message. The Treo 650 it seems doesnt do that, or how can I configure that? I tried Phone Butler, but it seemed to mess up some of my other applications and is buggy.

The problem is if I walk away from my phone or whatever, and miss a call or text message, there are no follow-up sounds or blinking lights or anything to let you know you have a voicemail or text message waiting (without having to actually physically check the phone by holding down the center key and looking for Alerts. I dont feel like every time I dont have my phone right there next to me and leave for 5 minutes and come back, having to go find my phone and check the alerts button every time, it should ring or buzz or something if there is a new voicemail or text message so I know to go get my phone from the charger and see who called.

Suggestions on configuring this, or what software I should use that works best for the Treo 650?

Thanks in advance!