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    <p>Is there a master list of ## codes available? This seems to be a powerful set of tools, I'm just interested to know more...</p>
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    :: bump :: Anyone??
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    You know, rather than posting a new thread, and bumping it, you could search for this. There have been 2 threads yesterday... I've posted it several times, find it!

    Edit: how bout this one:

    or this one which I referred to above:
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    Thanks Shadow. I did search, but my string must have been ineffective. This is a big help...

    BTW, what did you use to search on? I tried "##", "##codes" and "## codes".
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    Anyone test them yet?
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    What I found from Shadowmite's hexdump (in the other thread). It is incomplete, but a start...

    633 = OFF (Phone off)
    7277 = PASS (Phone off and Passthrough enabled)
    7277633 = PASSOFF (Passthrough disabled)
    8778 = ???? (Bootloader)
    3424 = DIAG (Passthrough enabled)
    744 = ???
    83843733 = TETHERON (Tethered Mode On)
    8766= TRON
    87633= TROFF
    377= ERR (Last Error code)
    726= ???
    88722366= ?TRACEON (Trace Enabled)
    887223633= ?TRACEOFF (Trace Disabled)
    28722366= ?TRACEON (Trace Enabled)
    287223633= ?TRACEOFF (Trace Disabled)
    798722366= ??TRACEON (Trace Disabled)
    7987223633= ??TRACEOFF (Trace Enabled)
    8463= TIME (Current time)

    Not in the dump was the known ##3282# = DATA. I think there are other missing ones as well. When I provisioned my phone, they had me put in a code (which I didn't write down) that was none of these.
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