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    Bought a Mobile Digital Media (now Smart 2 go) program called Directions on the go. Its a Map program that io bought at the Palm store in Hartsfield airport for my Treo 600.
    Supposed to be designed for the Treo 600, nothing but troubles on the install.

    Anyone else running, or trying to run this program?

    No support from the program, Nothing but reading me back the install instructions & "finger" pointing at Palm.
    Program says its installed when the Install program is completed, but the program is not found on my Treo or my laptop when completed. Anyone know of any help?
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    Finally getting some help from Mobile Media.
    More info to come on what could be a great Map program!
    Thanks for this B/B and its viewers population!
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    Please keep us posted. It sounds like it oculd be a very useful program - if it works.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    Yes, I looked into this software too but wasn't sure about purchasing it for my Treo650.My main concern is if you put in the start and stop point does it get the info. from the SD card or from the the phone's ROM.Tried to find some help on this but no luck so hopefully someone will have this figured out.

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