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    I am considering buying the Audi A6 and wanted to know if anyone on here has one and has successfully used the BT capabilities of the A6. If so then what are you impressions and how well does it work. What are the good features?
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    I don't have an A6, but Joe Fabris stated at the DC Roadshow that the "Audi A6 is the best accessory for my Treo 650", so I would assume it worked, but he also was using a GSM version that Sprint hadn't got their hands on.
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    check the bluetooth forums here. i understand palm recently released a software update to the bluetooth drivers that now allows the phone to mate better with the factory system of the A6 and a number of other vehicles. you can also check and visit the A6 (C6) forums. C6 is the chasis designation for the new A6. lots of discussions there about bluetooth phones.
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    the audi a6 is sexy!

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