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    I use an unlocked Treo 600 GSM phone with T-Mobile as my provider in NJ, USA. I am currently in the UK and I fully expected that I'd be able to buy a local T-Mobile SIM card here, pop it in my phone, and be able to use it. However, my phone keeps rejecting the card (I've tried 3 different ones now) with the message "Your phone cannot be used with this SIM" and 2 radio buttons below labelled "OK" and "Make emergency call". Does anyone know what the problem is? As far as I know the GSM Treo 600 is a triband phone. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

    PS - I've been to South Africa and I've had no problems using SIM cards from MTN, one of the mobile providers there.
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    I've had no problems with an o2 sim in the UK. The symptoms sound like a locked phone. Have you updated your firmware since using it in SA?
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    Actually, I upgraded the phone from a seller on eBay and he claims it was unlocked. I assume it was unlocked as I was able to use the SIM card from my previous phone which was a Treo 270, insert it into the 600 and get it working ok. The phone wasn't specifically sold as a TMobile phone but as a GSM one so I assume it'd work with Cingular as well.
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    when you update firmware, you'll lose the "un-lockness". You'll have to unlock again

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