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    Did anyone notice that the 5 way pad doesnt scroll when you hit up or down in the contacts list. On the 600 it did.

    Am i missing something in the controls or do we need a fix for this?
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    In list view: 5-way Up/Down scrolls just fine for me (one line at a time for a single press or you can hold down for repeat scrolling). Up/Down also works in individual contact view to scroll to more data or the next entry if already at the top/bottom.

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    So if you goto your contacts in your phone book your able to hold the 5 way down and it will scroll? Hmmnnn Im not able to do that anymore for some reason. I wonder if there is a setting that must have changed. Do you know if there is a setting?
    Im not able to scroll. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Update... WOW that is weird I just did a soft reset and wouldnt you know it I am able to scroll now. Hmmnn I wonder what App changed my settings to stop me from scrolling.

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