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    Quote Originally Posted by nittanyjack
    I filed a complaint with the FCC about Verizon's business practices on this same situation and nothing was done. I hope you can keep your MOU.
    So are you still on MOU or are you paying for data? Are you still w/ VZW?

    Anybody else out there talk to customer service recently about using MOU?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nutreo
    So are you still on MOU or are you paying for data? Are you still w/ VZW?

    Anybody else out there talk to customer service recently about using MOU?
    I am still with Verizon because they have the best coverage for my needs. I have no data at this point because I don't want to pay for it. If I use it I am being charged for KB usage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kebel21
    I have been using data on a Treo 600 with the National Access Minutes of Use plan since September, 2004. Today, I received a text message saying....

    I called Verizon technical support this evening and was told that NA-MOU is not a valid data plan on the Treo 600. My only option to restore data service is to purchase a monthly data plan!!!

    I am completely disgusted with Verizon at this point, as a Verizon customer representative at a Verizon store sold me the Treo 600 with NA-MOU in September. I was explained that I could use my voice minutes for data minutes under this plan and would not need to pay an additional fee. Apparently, I was either lied to or given incorrect information.

    After having Customer Care deny any possible recourse to fix their mistake, I am canceling Verizon service. Beware all!!!!
    I am currently in a big dispute with those @#$&@#$ at Verizon Wireless over the same issue. For years I had the data plan where you use your minutes while connected to the net. I think it was like $4.95 per month. After spending a year and returning 5 Samsung i-600 Smartphones because of lockups, they gave me a new Treo 600 because I also sunk in over $500 worth of accessories and software (and the phone), putting in over $1,000 I'd never see back. They never told me that getting a Treo means I would lose the data plan I've had for a long time.

    Well, I didn't ask for a new data plan. Instead, after using it the normal way for a week or two, I had to exchange a defective Treo 600 for a new one and ended up unknowingly enrolled in a similar plan except in addition to paying for minutes you also pay $.008 per KILObyte. I realized in January that I had a bill that was huge. After arguing with these idiots they put me on the old plan supposedly. I didn't get one month's bill and in March I ended up with another $500 bill. That's when I went ballistic.

    I called Verizon Wireless and they told me that with a Treo 600 you can no longer have your grandfathered plan. You must choose either $49.99 (I think it may be $45?) for unlimited or a ridiculous $29.99 (25?) for 5 MB (!!!!) and then $.008 per KB afterwards. They claim almost everyone goes for the unlimited... and that's obviously because you can download 5MB of data in under 1 day, easily. I was furious at them. They agreed to change my plans as though I was on the unlimited plan to reduce the minutes because nobody told me about this and I'm paid for everything except for the $150 for the three months usage (including this month.) As I'm on a month to month contract, I'm very seriously considered telling Verizon Wireless to go to hell after 6 years. I've heard enough from them about the world's greatest wireless network and had enough about paying an incredible premium because so many of us invested in hardware.

    I'll probably give my Treo600 to my brother and get a Sprint account. Then we can go to small claims court for the $150 and I'll sue them for the hours of phone calls I had to make to even explain to their technitians that the reason why Verizon requires a new data plan with the Treo is NOT because it automatically connects to the net once every 23 hours and stays online indefinitely. I'm so furious. What amazes me is that Internet access was so much cheaper years ago with Verizon.... isn't this kind of service supposed to go DOWN in price?

    If you're looking for Internet access, Sprint is easily the winner. In NYC I've found Verizon has better phone service but it isn't so dramatic at all. T-Mobile is a whole different story. I don't know about Cingular.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoNKC
    Well, got my first verizon bill to the tune of $3,505.00. They are giving me the credit for the bill and I am now on a data plan and voice plan. They have been helpful with resolving my issue but most do not understand the Treo that well.
    WOW. That's good to know. Right now they are refusing to waive the $150 that I got charged because it happened twice to me but the first time I was told I could return to my old data plan. Instead Verizon put me on their "pay as you go plan" where I was charged for data as I go.

    I will call them tomorrow and I will definitely tell them to go to hell since I'm finished with my contract. Verizon Wireless sucks and anyone who tells you that the service is so much better than Sprint is lying. Yes, I find the coverage better and less dropped calls but really, it's not a huge difference any more. Note, I used Sprint PCS for work for a year and a half in NY so I know what I'm talking about.
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    Anyone with complaints should file an official complaint with the FCC site. With enough complaints the phone companies (and goverment) might start getting the picture. Certainly helped me last year with ATT problems.
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    Finally decided on the Treo 600 with Verizon. I have a nokia with them now that I connect via a cable for internet and use my minutes, while on the road.

    After speaking with the rep she said that I would have to purchase a data plan in order to use the treo as a modem. $80 = verizon (voice/data) or $55 = sprint (voice/data). I explained that I have been a loyal verizon customer since 2000, but I will not pay $80 for something I can get for $55.

    I spoke to a sprint rep and they said it was technically against the rules to hook up a laptop, but as long as I was not downloading CDs, I would be ok. Which I am not, just checking emails while on the road.

    I hope verizon will launch new data plans with the T-650.
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    i have noticed that my connetion speed varies (based on mobile speed test) if i am tethered (using pdanet) or that i am on the unltd plan i am getting 90-105 kbs untethered (from about 50-65 when using mou) and 25-35 kbs tethered with tests being made seconds apart! either there is an issue with pdanet or w/ vzw
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    you can use the treo 600 as a modem on the $50 unlimited plan
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