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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin3
    ...what's funny is when you actually do send a picture message my phone connects to the internet but doesn't tell me, just a little at the bottom right, but then does not disconnect. If it wasn't for the fact that I know how to use the phone then my phone would always be connected to the internet just for sending a picture. For right now I just disconnect after I send a picture but how can Verizon charge me for minutes connected if I left my phone connected when it's a software problem in the phone.
    Don't know if I'd call it "funny." I did the same thing and it now appears that picture messaging data time *is* indeed taken out of MOU and, thus, peak minutes time. Considering that you're already paying $8/mo for picture messaging I don't really see how VZW can double bill in this way. How is this handled with other phones? The fact that the Treo simply never kills the connection after sending a pic is simply absurd. Even the reps at the store were *certain* that the phone would disconnect after a brief timespan.
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    Wow... After reading this thread, I would recommend anyone who wants a Treo to go with Sprint. Here in NJ the service is as good as VZ (I'm a former VZ customer). They are also very accurate with reporting usage on the web portal and their unlimited data plan at $15 added to a voice plan is great. The speed and realiability are as well as should be expected.

    It's too bad because VZ was great with a plain ol' startac (sniff.. I loved that phone) and plain ol' voice service.

    Anyone using VZ who has an "out" should take it.

    BTW, please don't interpret this as a troll post. I really feel for you guys stuck with VZ and I'm disappointed that VZ respond so poorly to the market. I hope someone from VZ reads this and responds accordingly. The only way you can grow market share in cell phones is to steal customers. There aren't any "new" cell customers out there. VZ will lose if they don't shift.
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    I just got a call from verizon out of nowhere at the end of last week.To make a 30 minute conversation short, the person I spoke with was basically very deceptive. She first confirmed that I had a treo 600. She then said there "updating" everyone's plans, and that I needed to have a data plan because it was causing problems in their system and I was being overbilled. She said I had already been credited 3 times (mentioning some small amounts from last year!). I had no idea what she was referring to. At any rate, I think she was rather stunned to learn she was just talking with anyone who could be "bullied" by this. She said that if I didn't want the unlimited data, I could go with 0.015/kb. I explained that I really didn't want to pay that way. She kept insisting it wouldn't cost anything more, but when I pushed her, she finally admitted it would. It was really very deceptive. I told her that when I signed up with VZ for 2 years with the treo 600 (and I've been with verizon for almost 10 years), I specifically did that with the understanding that I could use minutes for data. She insisted they weren't changing plans, although finally acknowledged my perspective, that when you're going to be charging me more for exactly what I'm doing now, that's a change....

    I insisted on speaking with a supervisor, and when none was supposedly available (in the middle of a business day), she said nothing would be changed on the account, but that someone would call me back later that day. That was last Friday. While I may ultimately have no control over this, my stance will be that if they are doing this in the middle of my 2 years, then I will insist that there be no penaly if my wife and I decide to cancel our plans and go to Sprint. Frankly, I'd rather stick with VZ, but this may be that last straw....
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    Same thing happened to me. My Treo has unlimited data package. The last 2 bills for my wife's treo is $600!! there were two 1400 minutes "data" calls. They are insisting we get a data plan. I was never told this a year ago when we bought the TReo at full price. My wife never used data at all, never. This is ridiculous. VZ rep their towers "search" for treos and use data. Why should I pay for something I do not need?? or use??
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    If you're not using the data at all, your best option is to create a dummy connection that will go nowhere, so no matter what the Treo tries to do, it can't connect to anything. It's like unplugging the phone from the wall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd
    My wife never used data at all, never. This is ridiculous. VZ rep their towers "search" for treos and use data. Why should I pay for something I do not need?? or use??
    When I signed up for Sprint at CompUSA the rep could not activate any data plan for me. Sprint never bothered to call me and insist that I get a data plan. I could've gone the entire 2-years w/o a vision plan if I wanted to. It was me who called CS and requested the vision professional pack with business connection.

    I don't understand pushy sales people who try to force people into buying plans they don't use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by splufdaddy
    I didn't see the $20 unlimited plan on their website. All I saw for unlimited data was $80/mo for Laptop Connect. Is the plan not available on their site?
    You need to add the MEDIAWORKS package. This requires a phone call to customer service to add to your account. It is not on the website. $20/month, unlimited data, 1500 txt msgs, 200 photo messages per month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl
    $20 for unlimited @ Cingular isn't bad and might be better if I can get a corporate discount. I'll have to calculate the cost of a Wireless Sync replacement. (I'm hooked on it.)

    Can you use PDANet with this package? We'll be in business if EDGE doesn't add more cost and it is offered in the places where I'll be.

    How is Cingular with phone replacements?
    Yes it worlks with PDANet...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kebel21

    Thanks for the note on how to cancel service - I found that out today as I was working on switching from Verizon.

    Thanks to everyone else on the Sprint recommendation. During my shopping around today, I was leaning towards them over Cingular. Plus, I can get a Treo 650 instead of the 600 and I have a 23% corporate discount (Altria/Kraft).

    One other comment....I was in a Cingular store today and was told by a rep that data on a Treo 600 costs $39.99/month for unlimited access or $19.99/month for 5MB. The regular unlimited MEdia package ($19.99/month) for Cingular does not apply to PDA/Smartphones. So, Cingular is almost as expensive as Verizon.

    If they insist on this, set up an account with a GSM phone, one of the free phones with an a camera is perfect. Add MEDIAWORKS to the account. Then just move the SIM from the free phone to the GSM Treo. Works great.
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    Dear PabloTX

    How do I do that? Thanks for helping. VZ is really being nasty about this. They are just not being fair to their customers. I can't wait until sprint coverage improves.
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    Go to the "Prefs" app. Select the "Network" tab. Hit the "Menu" button, then select "New".

    Under "Connection" pick one and enter dummy data. Most should work, but be sure you don't enter anything that will work.
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    I think my fun with Verizon is about to start. I got my Treo 600 with Verizon on the 7th of Jan. Subscribed to the 600 min nationwide data/voice plan for $75 a month. No free nighttime or weekends. Today, I wanted to check up on my usage and the account info showed 5,800 + min!!!!!
    I called customer service and was put thru to tech support. 'Gary' stated there must be a problem with the way the min. used versus data is computed. He talked with his supervisor and said we will have to see when my current bill closes on the 24th.
    He said there was no way he could see what days the time was accumulated until the bill cycles. He stated Verizon would take care of things if there was a problem.
    I took both he and his supervisors info but imagine I will have fun sorting this out at the end of the month.
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    From what I can see there is a light on the Treo600 that flashes green when in the network. It turns to orange if it connects to the internet and is red when charging.
    I will update when my bill comes out. How much are 6,000 min a month?
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    it doesn't matter what color the light is and it doesn't matter what color the arrows are on your signal strength. If there are any arrows at all whether it be green or gray you are using the internet and you will be charged. Always make sure you disconnect from the internet.
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    What about this... get a treo from VZW, pick your montly voice plan and then select 500 txt messages with mobile web... would that work and allow you to access their WAP content? I'm a sprint customer w/ a 600 and unlimted data and txt messaging. that option on top of my voice is $15 which is nice because its not offered any more. Out of my 700 voice minutes 600 are to my girlfriend on VZW. Most of her close friends that she talks to are on VZW and she's maybe 1/4 the way into a 2 yr contract. I'm out of contract w/ sprint. If I switched over to VZW, got the minimum voice with "in" calling addeded the txt - mobile web option would that work? I only want to access Yahoo mail via the Treo. I use it mostly for a calendar and address book and a few simple games. If I could still access Yahoo mail, even via a simple WAP type interface with mobile web I'd save like $20 a month. Is this possible? The FAQs on VZW's site don't mention Yahoo but if I go to Yahoo Mobiles site, tell them I have VZW and the 600 it says I can access it....

    Thanks for the help.

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    Get 'in calling' so you can talk to anyone (including girlfriend) for free, anytime.
    Verizon offers different packages. Unfortuantely they're all different. text plan doesn't include any data, nor does Pic msging and visa versa. WAP Web access is only allowed I think for non-PDA phones. Unfortuantely they don't really cover all the plans well if at at all on their web site.
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    The WAP package is for non-pda phones, you don't need it on a Treo. If you can get the sales rep to add MOU (Minutes Only Usage) to your account, then you'll be fine. If not, then add pix messaging, and that will give you access to their data network. Either of these options will deduct peak minutes when you're online during peak hours. WAP works the same way on non-pda phones. If you add WAP to a regular phone for $5/mo, you can access WAP sites and it deducts from your minutes. With VZW, you're either paying in minutes or for a data plan, and they're cracking down on those that are using minutes.
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    Yeah... I'll need the txt msgs and I won't mind deducting the little time I'll use data from my voice minutes. I guess I'm just leary after reading about the problems here. Even if I were to add the per / kb use and check email once per day its gonna be about $15 per month. I've checed my usage on my Treo w/ Sprint. To pay $15 / month just be able to check email when I pay $15 a month and I can do anything on the web that's possible w/ a Treo w/ Sprint right now doesn't make sense. Any savings I'd have with lowering minutes to get "in" calling would be lost.
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    merlin3 - Thanks for the heads up on the connection to Verizon from my Treo. (Still connected even with gray arrows)
    No where in the literature does it state that I needed to log off from the internet connection. I was under the impression that leaving the web would log off my phone.
    "When the arrows are gray, you are in stand-by mode and you can receive calls." pp 145 Treo 600 User Manual. So my phone logged over 8,000 min in 'Stand-by' mode.
    Once again a call to tech support and the rep states that I am going to get a huge bill but they will adjust the charges. I decided to go with an unlimited data and a voice plan so that I will not have recurring problems/charges.
    The first tech 'Gary' never mentioned logging off the internet when I first reported the problem of 5,200 min of air-time.
    Thanks again Merlin3 for the heads up.
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