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    was reviewing my verizon bill and noticed i was being charged $3.57 for 239Kilobytes of data usage. I called verizon and spoke to rep Danielle. She explained that verizon had switched me to the data plan as a cost effective measure for me, allowing me to reduce my voice minutes if I chose. I informed her I preferred the old plan, 800 minutes to be used for data or voice. She said no problem, credited my account and switched me back. She stated that verizon should have contacted me about this and apologized.

    The first rep I contacted had no clue and transferred me to tech support, I hung up on him, called back and got Danielle.

    So, for the record, verizon is not cancelling the plan, merely switching you against your will to "save" you money.

    Again, the reps name was Danielle, her extension is 2256, out of the Rochester, NY call center. I spoke to her about 10pm on 1/3/05
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    Thanks so much owenmhv.
    I got screwed against my will too.
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    I don't mean to belabor the point, but I was not given the same option as you when I spoke to three different Customer Service reps, one of whom was a supervisor. I was told either sign up for a data plan or deal with no data service.

    It's good to know that Verizon isn't totally reversing how they sold data service, but extremely frustrating that they are not all operating under the same guidelines. I suppose I could have called CS until I got someone who would give me MOU back, but that seems a bit ridiculous to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by owenmhv
    So, for the record, verizon is not cancelling the plan, merely switching you against your will to "save" you money.

    Again, the reps name was Danielle, her extension is 2256, out of the Rochester, NY call center. I spoke to her about 10pm on 1/3/05
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    Calling back seems to be the fix-all for almost any problem, especially w/ VZW. Being the educated/paranoid customer that I am, I called back again today, because the 30 day return window on my Treo ends this Thursday. I spoke w/ another rep and asked him if I would be able to switch to an MOU plan in February, and if he had heard of MOU being phased out. Again I was told MOU was not being phased out.

    What still confuses me though is not only were you not allowed to use the MOU plan kebel, but a VZW rep posting on HoFo also claims that MOU is not allowed anymore.

    I've been watching this thread like a hawk. Hopefully VZW will wake up and cut the price of their unlimited data package. That way we wont have to worry anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gomus
    Here's how all of this is working.

    I'm a service tech at VZW and have carried a data device for 3 years or so. There has been a change in the data/MOU status but it normally will not affect current users unless they have been consistently racking up huge bills due to minute overages.

    The users who have been on MOU up until around the middle of November should still be able to use and keep the same MOU that they always had. However, VZW now has a requirement for NEW customers activating a data device. There is a new code that is added to your account in the billing system. If you do not add a data package to your account (where before would just use MOU) you will now still use MOU but will be charged .0015 cents per kilobyte of data useage. For some, this doesn't add up to much at all. For others, it could. It looks like VZW is trying to force people to add the data features.

    The only bright side to this is the rumor that I've heard from several reps that VZW is currently kicking around a drop in the unlimited data plan. I've heard somewhere in the $15-20 per month to be closer to Sprint. I'm still trying to find someone who can either confirm or deny this but I've heard this from several different areas inside VZW. I'll post when I find more out...

    I have had MOU since August on a 3 phones(including my Treo 600) 2000 minute plan. I received a phone call telling me that I had to take a Data plan or not use Data. I tried using my data and it is now off

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    Keep us posted JR. Give VZW a call, and keep trying until you get a tech who lets you put it back on. I've spoken with numerous reps who said that data plans are not required. You might try calling the rep that's listed in the top post on this page.
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    I got the same text message and the error when I tried to connect to the data network. Well I just called Customer Service and after being put on hold for a minute the rep came back and told me that they just thought I might want a data plan (nice usumption Verizon.... thanks but no thanks) . She then told me I would be put me back on what I had before where my data usage just eats up minutes. I'm sure this is not the end of the story....
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    well I just had this problem about a week ago. I always disconnect my internet when I'm done using it and for some reason even though my phone said I had disconnected, the server did not disconnect me and I got charged for 800 minutes of use. The only reason I found this out is because I got the text message that says call verizon and add a data plan and my express network no longer works. Well my mother in law works for verizon and she said there's a block on my account now and I cannot use the internet until I add a data plan. Verizon is supposed to call me on the 12'th when my bill cycles so they can remove those charged minutes. I'm just hoping they'll add my mou plan back on so I can get back to using the internet again. there is no way in hell i'm paying 45 bucks a month for data.
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    If you have a dial-up account with unlimited minutes (I use Earthlink) you can set up a virtual modem connection there. You'll only get QNC speeds, and there's a chance you'll leave your data connection open again, but it's an alternative.

    Also, Verizon just rolled out VCAST. Here are my comments from another thread:

    So with video/games/music on demand that is going to require long connections and the transfer of huge amounts of data...all for $15 a month, is Verizon going to do something about the "other" data plans and bring those more in line so people don't have to pay $45 a month for less usage?

    Or will those with Treos and other data devices be able to add this plan and use it for wireless data (web, email, etc)?

    This plan also gives unlimited Mobile Web 2.0 browsing, so they can certainly allow this on Treos. So for $15, you get much much more than those with Treos and data plans. Theoretically, Verizon should be able to offer $15 Mobile Web regardless of your handset...especially since this would be on the "old" 1xRTT rather than this newer high speed EV-DO which should draw a premium.

    But will they?

    What does this plan mean for those of us who have been wanting competitive data plans for some time?
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    yeah I was reading some post on howardforums about new price changes on the 17th so i'm hoping they'll drop the data plan price. If they don't then I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I can't leave verizon because i love the in network but this is just getting ridiculous.
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    They got me this month on data. An extra 139.00 bucks worth. I called last night and was on the phone for 1.5 hours and screamed and they removed the charges. Three different reps told me NA-MOU does not exist and I have to have a data plan. I refused to pay their outrageous data plan prices and I told them that I would be looking to switch to Sprint. The reps told me that everybody in the country with a PDA phone would have to have a data plan and it was a glitch in their system that has allowed this all along. I have a call into my business rep and will speak to him on Monday. If I am not given any good options I will look to see what Sprint can offer. Wake up, Verizon.

    P.S. I was given no notice that this was going to happen. **** poor customer service Verizon. You are going to receive a lot of negative calls from customers who are P.O.'ed and might just give up on you. I am just about there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by splufdaddy
    I saw that you can add roaming for $5/mo to any sprint plan. In what states does Sprint have roaming agreements with Verizon? I'm primarily in MA and CT, and my VZW coverage seems to be better than any of my friends that aren't on VZW, regardless of who they're with. If I can move to Sprint but still have VZW coverage for $5/mo, that's a pretty decent deal.
    From what I read, it allows Sprint's roaming allows you to call without charge so long as you have any sort of signal. i.e., on the Treo 600, there will be an R next to your signal bar. I've had the $5.00 add on for a few months now and it's worked great, I'm in CA. I'm never without a signal and I get to disable my "romaing reminders" (although, you have to make 50% of the calls on a sprint network, not usually a problem)

    I suppose the only downside of the digital roaming is that you don't have data service.

    I had VZW before alongside of Sprint, but with the $5.00 America's Choice feature, unlimited LD, unlimited NW, unlimited data, I'd say that Sprint has the best featureset with the coverage of VZW to boot. (I've even made a call from Puerto Rico to CA without incuring any sorts of charges!)

    I pay $29.99 for 300/unlimited, $10 unlimited data, $4 insurance, $5 digital roaming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by splufdaddy
    I saw that you can add roaming for $5/mo to any sprint plan. In what states does Sprint have roaming agreements with Verizon? I'm primarily in MA and CT, and my VZW coverage seems to be better than any of my friends that aren't on VZW, regardless of who they're with. If I can move to Sprint but still have VZW coverage for $5/mo, that's a pretty decent deal.
    $5 includes voice roaming only but still a good deal. I'm a former verizon customer turned Sprint. I use the fair and flex plan with $15 unlimited data. The service works as advertised, no horror stories here.

    Threads like this make me feel good about that decision.
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    Talked with VZW data support today. They inform me that the "feature code" required to activate MOU is not longer valid in their system. Meaning that if you're currently using MOU you're fine, but once you make a switch of phones (say for a repair like I did) or do anything that would require them to make changes to your account they will not be able to carry your account forward without having you sign up for a data plan.
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    Did you ask them what happens if all you want to do is send MMS messages? I would imagine that a similar plan is required, and doubt they would require you to sign up for a data plan for this purpose.
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    Just got my Treo 600 today. The plan I selected was the Nationwide access. I chose 600 min for $75 a month. I just called the Verizon customer service and they stated that yes I can do data or voice for the 600 min. I do not get free nights weekends etc.
    Are there better plans with Verizon for my needs? Mostly e-mail web surf and phone.
    I came from a Blackberry and was paying $125 a month for their phone and data. And that did not include true web browsing.
    Also, (sorry for the long post) can anybody recommend a program or way so that I can be notified when I receive a new e-mail?
    Thanks for helping the new guy!
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    For the same $125, you can get unlimited data ($45) and 1200 voice minutes ($79.99) on the America's Choice network. This includes free IN network calling and unlimited N/W minutes.

    If you want to keep it closer to the $75 a month, you can select the same $45 data plan, and get the smallest AC plan, which is $39.99 for 400 minutes.

    If you're going to pay for a data plan, either of these seem better than the one you chose. And you may be able to cancel your current plan, add only a voice plan, and use EN-MOU (be careful if you do) for data.

    As Verizon doesn't include a mail client, you need a 3rd party app. Check out SnapperMail for POP or IMChatter for IMAP.
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    Well VZW got me today. I called to switch to MOU, like they told me I would be able to do a few weeks ago. I spent hours on the phone and talked to 6 different reps who knew 6 different things. Most of them said that MOU wasn't possible. One tried to activate only Wireless Sync on my account for $5/mo (didn't work).

    The final tech I spoke with went into the system and manually enabled MOU. However, he told me he didn't know how long it would last. I could be audited at any time, and if I want to make any more account changes, I'll most likely lose this. So I'm returning my Treo tomorrow, and investigating Sprint and Cingular right now.
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    If you are coming from a BB, you'll definitely want to try out Wireless Sync. It is "free" but you'll probably want a data plan if you want it to act like a BB. I've been using it since July and get over 100 pieces of mail per day. You definitely get notified when you get new mail. WS handles POP3 & IMAP also -- if you want that mail intermingled with your Exchange/Domino mail. Otherwise you'll want Snappermail for POP3/IMAP or Chatter for just IMAP.
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    Thanks for the responses. Trialing Snappermail so will see how things go. Still becoming acquainted with the device.
    Thansk for the quick replies
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