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    Thanks. Easy to set up. Not as fast as 1x, but probably fine for my use if I am forced to use it.

    Too bad Verizon doesn't let you change the idle timeout time like you are able to set with new connections.
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    curiosity killed the cat but inquiring minds want to know-- is this an isolated glitch or is this becoming widespread?

    to the father poster> what plan are you on? AC?
    i do not believe you ever answered if you had a camera treo or not?

    like i said inquiring minds want to know
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    Any idea if this will also work with Sprint? My big fear is that I try it for awhile and then end up with data charges afterall. I really don't need their $15/month, but would like to log on occasionally or even sync Avantgo from time to time.

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    I called VZW today and the woman I spoke to hadn't heard that MOU was being phased out. But she couldn't guarantee that I would be able to use MOU in February, when the $100 credit I recieved for using two months of the unlimited data plan is up. I'm seriously conisdering switching to Cingular, even though their coverage is good, but not as good in MA and CT.
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    OK, sorry for the double post, but this is good news and deserves it's own post.

    I called back and got a different CSR, and she forwarded me to the data department where I spoke w/ Anthony. He went over the routine "it's best to have a data plan because the Treo is meant to always be on". I assured him that I knew the risks and I wanted to be able to switch to a MOU plan in February. He put me on hold, and came back and said that will defintaely be an option. I asked him about some people recieving text messages saying that they had to add a data plan, and he said he knew of some txt msgs being sent out to customers like this, but these people weren't being required to add a data plan. It's possible that these people left the connection on and they were chewing up minutes. He made a note in my account that I will be calling back to add MOU in February, and that this is why I did not return my phone and port out today. That's as close as I think I'll come to having MOU in my contract/guaranteed. Hope this puts some people at rest!

    PS: For those that still want a dialup account, I've found a free one that you can try w/ your Treo to test the speed. It's noticably slower:
    Phone: Chatham, MA 508-469-4555
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    Password: password
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    I am on America's Choice plan with 500 minutes and unlimited night and weekends. My Treo does have a camera, although I have never used picture messaging.


    Thanks for the info - unfortunately I couldn't get anywhere with Verizon on this. It would be nice if all of their service reps worked with the same guidelines, but I guess that's asking too much. I spoke with three different reps (one was a supervisor), all of whom told me that MOU is NOT a valid data plan for PDA/Smartphones. One data rep went so far as to say that even if he re-enabled MOU (which he denied being able to do), it would be removed in the future at some point during the next account "audit" (whatever that means).

    The fact that this is such a gray area with Verizon makes me nervous. Even if I managed to talk with a data rep who could re-enable MOU, it seems there is no guarantee that it wouldn't be removed again.

    As for leaving the data connection on - I have never done this. I even bought Treo Connection Manager to automatically disconnect from the network when I was finished using Blazer. Besides, even if I chose to leave my data connection open and use all of my voice minutes, isn't that my prerogative? If I go over my plan, then I pay for my usage. I'm not looking for additional free minutes, and I wouldn't (and never have) call to complain.

    I'm heading to Sprint to port and Verizon to cancel today. I'll post what happens.

    edit: responding to spulfdaddy......I was specifically told by data reps that I was required to add a data package. I was not allowed to remain on MOU, even though I assured the rep that I understand its implications.
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    That's really bizarre. I spoke with a few reps, all of whom had no knowledge that MOU was being phased out. I'm not arguing with you though, you're right, it would be nice if all reps enforced the same rules. I was about to port out as well until I had a note made in my account indicating I want MOU in February and I've been assured that I can have it. Stick around though kebel, I may be posting a rant in a few weeks about how VZW goes back on it's word. I'll be over to borrow your 650 on Sprint.
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    All I can say is, "Welcome to sprint Kebel21!". As far as Verizon plans go... Look at in the Verizon forum. Kellybrf, about the only knowledable verizon rep has posted verizon's offical rules. These state the pda/smartphones are NOT allowed on the MOU plan, period. Any rep who tells you otherwise or does otherwise is not obeying company standards. It can be taken back at any time and there is nothing you can do about it (other than cancel 30 million lines)...
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    RE: Switching to Cingular
    Worst case get a cheap or free phone when you sign w/Cing, take the $19.99 unlimited mMode plan on it and swap your SIM into the Treo which you can find unlocked for under $400 without contract. Your data plan and phone number will follow the SIM and of course you don't tell Cing you swapped phones.
    Quote Originally Posted by splufdaddy
    I didn't see the $20 unlimited plan on their website. All I saw for unlimited data was $80/mo for Laptop Connect. Is the plan not available on their site?
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    Ok, took the Sprint plunge today with a 650. Very happy so far with voice service and data speeds (seems quite a bit faster than Verizon, by the way). My number took a while to port, so I didn't get a chance to go to Verizon to settle my contract - will do that tomorrow.

    Thanks for the welcome Shadowmite. Looking forward to following all of your good work here. Also good to know that I probably wasn't being misled regarding MOU.
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    My NA MOU still works. I am vacationing in Arizona and checking email with Snapper Mail with no problems at all.

    Wonder if just the "heavy" users are being hit?
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    I looked through my past statements with Verizon, and my montly data minute usage was around 200-300 minutes. That includes both peak and off-peak data. Doesn't seem like much to me, does it?

    Verizon allowed me to return my Treo and has agreed to cancel my contract without penalty. All in all, a very fair "settlement" to this issue, but I still would have preferred to stay with them.
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    When did you purchase your Treo kebel? How far into your contract were you? Glad to hear that they didn't try to screw you on your way out the door, but it's too bad they showed you the door in the first place.
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    I purchased the Treo in early September '04. I was about 10 months into a two year contract.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kebel21
    Anyone know how Sprint compares to Verizon in the Chicago area?
    In my travels there over the years, Sprint has had excellent coverage all over Chicago, the Northwest, Northern suburbs up to and including Kenosha. Last trip there I used data extensively and don't remember a dead spot. I'm sure Verizon is pretty similar for coverage, but why pay their voice and data charges which are WAY out of line with typical Sprint charges. Plus, just add-on roaming option for $5/month and you'll be using Verizon's digital system if and when Sprint doesn't come through (but it'll give a good fight to keep using Sprint).

    Years with Sprint, and they are definitely getting a little better at taking care of customers. Though sometimes you still need to threaten to leave to get things done. However, they've never pulled anything on me like Verizon seems to be doing on you.

    Pick up a deal on a Sprint Treo 600 (or 650 if you can stomach the paltry memory) and walk that Verizon phone back to them and say "bye-bye."
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    I saw that you can add roaming for $5/mo to any sprint plan. In what states does Sprint have roaming agreements with Verizon? I'm primarily in MA and CT, and my VZW coverage seems to be better than any of my friends that aren't on VZW, regardless of who they're with. If I can move to Sprint but still have VZW coverage for $5/mo, that's a pretty decent deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kebel21
    I have been using data on a Treo 600 with the National Access Minutes of Use plan since September, 2004. Today, I received a text message saying:


    Once I received this text message, my data connection stopped working. I now receive this error message in Blazer:

    "Error: 3000: Data service is unavailable in this area. Please try again later. (0x173E)"

    I called Verizon technical support this evening and was told that NA-MOU is not a valid data plan on the Treo 600. My only option to restore data service is to purchase a monthly data plan!!!

    I am completely disgusted with Verizon at this point, as a Verizon customer representative at a Verizon store sold me the Treo 600 with NA-MOU in September. I was explained that I could use my voice minutes for data minutes under this plan and would not need to pay an additional fee. Apparently, I was either lied to or given incorrect information.

    After having Customer Care deny any possible recourse to fix their mistake, I am canceling Verizon service. Beware all!!!!
    Hmmm...I just tried it and got no errors. The only "data" plan that I have is an extra $5 I pay to use the 800 minutes for either data or voice. Do I have the terms wrong or this will end too?
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    Here's how all of this is working.

    I'm a service tech at VZW and have carried a data device for 3 years or so. There has been a change in the data/MOU status but it normally will not affect current users unless they have been consistently racking up huge bills due to minute overages.

    The users who have been on MOU up until around the middle of November should still be able to use and keep the same MOU that they always had. However, VZW now has a requirement for NEW customers activating a data device. There is a new code that is added to your account in the billing system. If you do not add a data package to your account (where before would just use MOU) you will now still use MOU but will be charged .0015 cents per kilobyte of data useage. For some, this doesn't add up to much at all. For others, it could. It looks like VZW is trying to force people to add the data features.

    The only bright side to this is the rumor that I've heard from several reps that VZW is currently kicking around a drop in the unlimited data plan. I've heard somewhere in the $15-20 per month to be closer to Sprint. I'm still trying to find someone who can either confirm or deny this but I've heard this from several different areas inside VZW. I'll post when I find more out...
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    Thanks gomus.

    I think you can safely say that a large number of people would be willing to add an unlimited plan at that price. If Verizon wants to end EN-MOU, stop having to mess with large bills that are credited, and generate a little more cash flow, a lower-priced unlimited plan is the way to do it.

    I'd sign up on day 1.
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    Thanks for the info. Being charged for data and minutes seems like a little much to me. I've used about 20mb of data so far this month, so I'd be paying $30 in data charges alone (plus I still have a week left in my billing cycle). I'd be estatic if they dropped the price for their unlimited data plan. Keep us posted.
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