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    We are proud to announce that Chitchat (our new multiprotocol instant messenger with voice over ip support) that was announced before is now available as a public beta. Chitchat supports any Palm OS 5.x powered device that can be connected to the internet thru gprs, wifi, bluetooth, cable, etc. including Treo 650 and Treo 600. You can get it from here

    We hope you enjoy it. Please provide any feedback on this thread or at our forum


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    I noticed you have played with this a bit. Is it worth a shot? What exactly does it do? I know when they first asked for beta testers it was pitched as VOIP, but the website sounds more like you just send voice in a message. Can you elaborate?
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    Excellent! I was just mulling over what I was going to do about instant messaging.
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    Wow... this is great.... You should check this FREE beta program out and help get it on the market. It will automaticly register you for a jabber server AND connect to AIM, YAHOO, ICQ, MSN, and others... PLUS Voice (I believe the voice is between TREO only right now, but this could become more elaborate if we help them get this program working!)

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    Does this chat program support multi-lingual as well?
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    Treoing & Loving it
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    can we see screen shots somewhere
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    how does it compare with causerie... i like causerie. kinda expensive though... verichat kept crashing.
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    subscribing for screenshots
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    I have just got the new "free" Beta (Beta 9). It is more stable and adds Online games and a public chat room.
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    VOIP only for within Chichat users. That doesn't make sense. It's only a hand full of people that use this program. VOIP should be made to interface with all IM protocols.

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    Didn't like the interface. This is definitely beta. I can see the potentials, but not ready for primetime in my opinion.
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    How does this even work? I tried to download the list of Public Servers (IM providers?) and it didn't work. Not user friendly at all.
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    Same, public server list would not download...
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    I am not sure this is legit, they are askin for device serial numbers to enable access to their servers! I uninstalled the program after I visited the website and saw the info they were asking.
    Treoing & Loving it

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