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    i got a TREO 600 from Sprint PCS. the thing is i mooved now in montreal ( canada ). Sprint use CDMA technology so does Bell Mobility. Now is there a way for me to use this cell phone with bell like no problem. I got the Code to program my cell phone with my new number. the thing is it tell me that im roaming ( top left corner ). is there a nam 1 or a home sid ID that i need to do. Plz give me info on this . verry urgent, the data as too work as well and wont work in roaming. How can i unlock this or program it so it can work with bell.

    plz answer. really appreacite any kind of help

    Oh ya. one last thing. i work for Bell Mobility. The system recognize the ESN number as a TREO 600. dosent seem to be a problem there. maybe this can be in use
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    Yep, you need to change the tower preferences in a file called the PRL. The PRL, otherwise known as the "preferred roaming list," tells the phone what towers are home towers and in what order the phone should look for those towers. Even though you have it activated on the Bell Mobility system, the phone is still looking for Sprint towers first. You are currently most likely picking up your Bell Mobility signal, but it doesn't recognize it as the home towers. See if you can get a PRL list in a phone close to the 600 for Bell Mobility, preferably a unit using the Palm OS. Then you can use a program called BitPim to extract and insert the PRL file into your T600, and that should work.
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    You sure about that? From what I've read, the PRL has nothing to do with "home" towers. A Sprint phone will always look for Sprint towers first - regardless of the PRL. The PRL only controls priority of non-network (roaming) towers.

    To the OP: There are a ton of threads here (specifically in the Sprint & Verizon forum) with discussions of how to get a Sprint Treo to work on Verizon's network. I have no idea how it's done, but I would imagine the same basic concepts would apply for you too. You might want to do some searching.
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    I found few of those ( Sprint to Verizon ) not sure if it is the same for ( Sprint to Bell Mobility ) thats the thing. I'll try it later tonigth. maybe some numbers as to be different. thats why im trying to find an easyer way for it. IM trying to make BitPim work. not able to do so. i install and i open it. i cant even find my Treo 600 in the list and dont know what to do. can someone help me with a step by step plz. thx
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    did you get it working - I am also looking to get my sprint phone to stop roaming on bell. If you got it working please let me know how as I am having the same problem as you.

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