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    Here is a link to intels page with detailed specs/features of this processor.

    This processor (32 bit 312 mhz) supports up to a 4 megapixel camera; looks like Palm definitley skimped on the cam feature because of overstock on the 0.3 megapixel vga cam. Apparently this processor makes more us of the •VGA with 640x480 (0.3 megapixels) resolution and allows the capturing of video now because of the intel processor.

    Very interesting!
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    *cough* , its possible with the Treo 600 with mMovie using the Texas Inst. OMAP Processor , reminds me of MPEG-1 Playback on Pentium 1 processor. PalmOne does not wish to include a 4 megapixel (or at least 1.2/1.3 megapxiel camera) because they were afarid that , it will be the same lousy camera , instead they imporved the camera...Thats all

    The MMX Technology , I do not know , if OS 5.4 really supports its , but I bet its upgradable to OS 6 , which will be better in most cases

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