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    I purchased tomtom navigator 2004 palm and installed on treo 650 and it works great. My wife likes it so much she wants it installed on her treo 650 and I'm wondering if I can just buy another bluetooth gps reciever for her and install tomtom navigator 2004 on her treo 650? If this will work - any ideas on which bluetooth gps reciever and where to buy? Thanks.
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    I vote for the Holux GR-231, with the only difference from the GR-230 being the xtrac sensitivity. It was reviewed and said it was noticeably better with getting signals in weaker areas. I never got both to compare with, but I have no complaints with the GR-231 except its build quality seems on the cheap side.
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    Or buy the TomTom bluetooth bundle.
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    I have the Holux GR-231 as well. I am waiting for my tomtom software, but it works great with the mapopolis demo. No complaints at all.
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    I just picked up one of the new Socket Bluetooth GPS devices (the blue-colored one, not the previous Emtac re-branded one). So far I'm very impressed. It gets position locks much more quickly than my previous GPS (the Fortuna GPSmart BT), it has a removable LiIon battery that lasts much longer than the 3 AAAs in the Fortuna (about 5-6 hours of usage so far on a single charge, still hasn't gone below 10% charge), and it's very small (roughly the size of an iPod Mini, but a bit shorter). I use it with Mapopolis on my Tungsten T3, I'm sure it would work with TomTom on a 650 as well. So far I'd recommend it highly.

    If you want more detailed discussion and reviews of various GPS devices and software, GPS Passion is a great site, especially the forums (

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