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    I am new at this, so if this is old info I apologize. I have been reading the posts and became obsessed with creating ringtones by recording them with my TREO 650. I tried the "'new" option under phone -sound preferences -tone manager and it would only make alarms but not ringtones. I installed "mp3ringer" then "mring" to play other files (mpg wav ect.) for ringers. I could make mp3 and wav files on my computer and send them to the TREO but this was inconvenient.

    But I could not find a program to record directly on the treo 650 and create a file that played a ring tone.

    What I discovered is that "mring" and apparently "mp3ringer" will only play uncompressed wav files and mp3's

    I tried mvoice, express dictate, sound recorder and the the palm recorder in shadowmites fixed rom and they did not work. by the way THE ROM IS AWESOME

    Finally I tried "wave edit" which supposedly does not support the TREO 600. (as stated on their web site)
    It records in two formats, compressed and uncompressed wav. The uncompressed wav format worked.

    So now I can record anything with my TREO and make it into a ringer. I use "mring" to play them because mring can assign a ringer to each contact. MP3ringer seems a little more stable but mring has more flexibility.

    When I get a call from home my ringer is in my daughters voice and says "Daddy this is a call from home" and it repeats quite nicely
    I have other ringers that say things like "oh crap it's Dan calling"
    "Wave Edit" also had one of the best quality recordings.

    By the way "express dictate" was actually a really cool program. You can record and edit dictation and email it to a secretary or who ever. It apparently compresses the files to a very high degree. I have not fully checked out if the email part works yet but it is free. You only pay for the transcribe software.
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    Thanks for the tips. I will check out Wave Edit and also mring.

    But it's a bummer to have to use all these 3rd party tools to achieve what Palm's own page says this should work with the built-in software:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(19349)

    Add AMR ringtones

    The Treo 650 smartphone uses two formats for ringtones: AMR and MIDI. This section talks about AMR, which is best suited for voice clips rather than music.

    AMR ringtones are recorded using your Treo 650 smartphone's built-in voice recorder. It's an ideal way to add alerts like "Hey, Larry's Calling!" or "You have an appointment" to your repertoire.
    Hopefully PalmOne will fix this BUG soon. In the meantime I'll check out your workaround, thanks.
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    I don't know if anyone else has done this or if it is old news but I got my Treo to record a conversation. When I answer the call I put it on speaker.
    I use wave edit pro 1.2 to record the conversation. When I am done I save the file. It records the file to the SD card. This is the same program I used to make ringtones. The website says it is not compatible with the 600 but I have had no problems on the 650.

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