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    I recently purchased an X-Micro Bluetooth USB Dongle for my desktop, but haven't been able to use it. Whenever I try to pair the Treo and the PC, I get a dialog box in Windows with the following message:

    The Bluetooth pairing procedure creates a secret key that is used in all future connections between these two devices to establish identity and encrypt the data that these devices exchange.

    To create the paired relationship, enter the PIN code and click OK.

    Bluetooth PIN Code:

    The last line above is followed by a text box for the PIN to be entered. The trouble is, I can't find the PIN anywhere in the Treo. I've gone through every parameter of Setup Devices in the Bluetooth, and there's no PIN generated. Either the PC asks me for a PIN or the Treo asks me for the PC's passkey. When I tried pairing the Treo with my Powerbook, this information was coughed up automagically and had no problem pairing the two devices. What am I missing here?
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    Try 0000.

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